Design your own snare

With the custom snare we try to respond to the wishes of the customer and make the dream of the "personal snare" a reality. Determine the appearance of the shell, lugs and ring. Create your unique instrument together with us.

Available with matching bag

Standert Snare
Standert Snare
Standert Snare
Standert Snare

Drag your mouse over the squares for details.
Bring in your own ideas.

The shell
For the production of the unique Up-drums, we limit ourselves exclusively to stave stares and use different types of wood.

Tention screws
Le nostre viti di tensione sono esagonali incassate con chiave in dotazione. For our UP_Drums we manly use socket screws. There is a matching key for the snare drum.

The laser engraving makes each instrument individual and personalised. There are no limits to the execution.