Peter Erskine

Peter Erskine

Professor at the Thornton School of Music

Born in 1954 (New Jersey, USA)

He began his studies at the Interlochen Arts Academy (Michigan) followed by the Indiana University. His professional music career began 1972, when he joined the Stan Kenton Orchestra. This was followed by a variety of success stories. Erskine now spends his time as a musician and professor at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.

“The sound is warm and the response amazing! I am very happy to be the proud owner of such a noble instrument.”

Rick Latham

Rick Latham

Funk-Rock, R&B, Pop, Country and Jazz

Born in 1955 (Columbia, South Carolina)
With his textbook “Advanced Funk Studies” (1980) he became famous all over the world.

He studied at the East Carolina University. The composer and producer collaborated with many Artists from Genres like Funk-Rock, R&B, Pop, Country and Jazz. Rick Latham discovered this unique product for himself and fell in love immediately. He wanted to create with us the Rick Latham “APEX” Signature Snare drum. The drum has a very sensitive response and a wonderful sound. Especially the hoops (with Fusion-Hoop-Technology) attract and make the snare drum a real innovation in the world of drums.

“Love at first sight”

Andy Leitner

Traditional brass-band music

As a 14-year-old, Andy Leitner began to play the drums. From the very beginning, he loved the traditional brass-band music.

Musical projects:
Münchner Oktoberfest Musikanten, Festzelt Tradition, Obermüller Musikanten, Hofbräuhaus München, Blechbriada, Schabernack

My first contact with Up-drums was some years ago. I played with the Group “Blechbriada” in South Tyrol. For that performance Markus lent me a UP-snare and I didn't want to give it back. Since then, Markus and Urban are very close friends and it is always very special for me to be able to travel to South Tyrol to see my “drum maker friends”.

“I’m always amazed by the quality of workmanship, the sensitive and fine response, the beautiful look and the wonderful sound!”

Hannes Reiterer

Percussion teacher at the Music School Merano

Born in 1990 (South Tyrol / Italy)
His professors at the Conservatory in Innsbruck were Norbert Rabanser and magister Gunnar Fras

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna State Opera
Vienna Volksoper
Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Graz Philharmonic Orchestra
Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck

I've been playing on a UP-drum (jacaranda) for many years now and I use it for a wide variety of brass band casts, but also for rock and pop music. Dabei sticht sie nicht nur sofort ins Auge, sondern besticht vor allem durch ihren unverkennbaren Holzsound.

“Up-drums: that’s how a snare drum should sound like!“

Dominik Palla

Classic percussion

In his studies his professors were Norbert Rabanser and magister Gunnar Fras at the “Tyrolean State Conservatory” and Anton Mittermayr at the “Music and Arts Aniversity of the Aity of Vienna”.

Temporary contracts with the Graz Opera and the Volksoper Vienna.
Other activities with:
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna State Opera
Tonkünstler Orchestra

To my great joy, my small UP drum has been with me for many years. The unmistakable sound gives me, both in my group, the “Südtiroler Rifflblech” and in the orchestra, the opportunity to express myself artistically versatile. Urban and Markus create new worlds of sound with their snare drums. The look of Up-drums is the cherry on the cake of #handmade in South Tyrol.

“Up-drums is the cherry on the cake.”

Walter Grechenig

Bandleader, composer and producer of "Walter Grechenig & seine Fegerländer".
Music school director and percussion teacher at the music schools of the province of Carinthia Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by drumming. From the beginning I was always a fan of snares, which are built with wooden shells. But that someone builds a snare that is really completely made of wood, I had never thought possible before. Therefore, I am thrilled since the first second, from the masterpieces that Urban & Markus create here. In absolute attention to detail and created with great passion, the Up-Snares convince with their warm sound but also with their durability as well as their unique individuality. For all drummers who are looking for something special.

"With UP-drums you are exactly right!"

"FegerSnare - the ultimate snare for brass music":
Rim: Ash combined with Merbau (upper ring extra hard).
Kessel: Zwetschke
Bumpers: Maple
Snare lift-off: Walnut