Rick Latham - APEX


The famous funk drummer Rick Latham (studio musician, successful book author and drum teacher) discovered this unique product for himself and the "love at first sight" gave rise to the desire to create the Rick Latham "APEX" signature snare drum with us and bring it to the market because it was Rick’s 60th birthday.

The "APEX" snare drum is only available in a limited edition of 60 pieces. The drum has a very sensitive response and a wonderful sound. The buyer will definitely enjoy this product. The ring with Fusion-Hoop-Technology is particularly impressive. APEX is a real innovation in the world of drums!

  • American walnut wood shell

  • 14 x 7 - 15mm reinforcement rings 8mm center

  • Stave shell construction

  • Fusion-Hoop-Technology made from African zebrano wood

  • Thin ring = 10 mm, resistant like a metal ring

  • Lugs made from African zebrano wood

  • American walnut wood snare strainer

  • Precise bearing edge / 60°

  • Snare bed (120 mm x 2.5 mm)

  • Incredible sensitivity, unique feeling and sound